Kamis, 13 Maret 2014

2 Days & 1 Night @bukittinggi

hy guys! how are you?
last i wrote a year ago. haha
 Last year I was too much of a problem.
but, now I've loose and free from the bastard. I enjoy life without him. so I'm very grateful. haha
although my camera has not been restored. he is a bastard. fxxk!

last week I went on holiday to bukittinggi, hmm not a vacation but rather accompany sister-in-law to work outside the city. hehe

 I'll upload some photos when in Bukittinggi

in front of the hotel where I stay "the hills"

yeahh  I'm studying. because on Saturday I test comprehensive, ppfftt

 playing his own bike and take pictures with clowns

takes a selfie in hotel bathroom haha

 swim in the hotel pool

breakfast at sianok restaurant

I hope you still remember me and do not forget to comment guys hehe



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