Sabtu, 29 September 2012

#nextguestblogger " Androgyny vs. Girly trend "

when I check my email and there was a new email from the next.
After reading and saw that next doing a blog competition. because I love fashion. love to write then I will follow it and hopefully I can win a prize three outfits (up to £150 each) PLUS the opportunity to guest post about your style picks on our style secrets blog!.
wahhh I really like and try my best in order to win :)
how very easy I just choose one of the following 3 questions given next.that is :

i. What are your five key pieces for the AW12 season and why? 
ii. Androgyny vs. Girly trend – what’s your view? 
iii. What are your favourite catwalk-inspired pieces from Next?

I am confused to choose which one question. after thinking I finally chose the second question is Androgyny vs.. Girly trend - what's your view? . because I really liked the style and androgyny myself very confident with androgyny style.
This topic is very interesting and Androgyny vs.. Girly trend. equally we know a lot more like a girly girl and a pick androgyny trend is personal and different tastes as I hha

Androgyny vs. Girly trend – what’s your view?  

I personally think androgyny is very interesting and has an identity. the stylish androgyny has different tastes than the usual. women more stylish with Girly trend so perhaps because it is widely used by the public.
while the androgyny of a woman will be different from other women. feminine and masculine are not impressed. and I personally want to style like this. I want to look different from other women. I want to have a style of their own. androgyny and I feel more confident and identity.

 my inspiration for the style androgyny is Kate Lanphear
but in generShe currently ranks as the style editor of Elle U.S.. Previously, he worked for 8 years at Vogue and Harper's Bazaar Australia.
Androgyny style with a touch of glam punk became the signature style she is often seen wearing a black oufit, and accessories berdetail studs and chains. Coupled with a sharp razor haircut a quirky haircut, girls have favorite designers Helmut Lang and Maison Martin Margiela's got a lot of cool styles that we can make an inspiration.

but in general women more like Girly trend. Girly-style course with their trend look more feminine, beautiful and follow the trend.
but I feel that style Girly trend mostly just went along and followed the trend only. they're not being yourself and impressed force.

so my opinion about Androgyny vs. the Girly trend is commonplace.
and I remained in the option I chose because it emang androgyny me yourself. be yourself and comfortable like this.
Girly and create trend will continue to evolve and attract because many followers.

maybe that's all I can say
sorry if my writing is bad and not well organized
I hope you liked and accepted.

thank you

Kamis, 27 September 2012

what is wrong with wearing collar neck?

what is wrong with wearing collar neck? What  is bad?
today I am wearing a collar neck to the campus and all watching me. WTF! and the instructor, too sarcastic.
difficult to make look different in my neighborhood. may not be accustomed to their eyes see different styles. while out there collar neck is trend.
ya just can not tolerate those people are still primitive